How To Write Guitar Songs That Appeal To Audiences

Most songwriters have their own unique way of writing songs or starting a song. There is no one fixed rule to be followed, but still there are many things that we can learn from the successful people of the music industry. Here are some useful guitar songwriting tips, brought to you by some of the best music experts at The Serious Writers Guild.

  • Know what you want to express


The more you know about what you want to express, the easier it will be to bring your thoughts into reality through music. Write down as many ideas, emotions or situations as you can think of on a piece of paper; once you have done this, pick out several ideas that you would like to use together in a single song.

  • Find the perfect environment for writing your song


An environment that is full of distraction is not the ideal environment for creating soulful melodies. Find a spot in your life; a location, a day or time during the week where there is silence and you get the appropriate environment for creating a beautiful song with your guitar.

  • Pay attention to each and every note

The trademark of a great songwriter is paying close attention to every detail while writing a piece of music. It is important to treat each of these individual notes as its own melody. The more smoothly you can make the notes from one chord flow into the next, the more pleasing your music will sound.

  • Ask people for their honest opinion

Find people who will judge your creation based on almost random elements they perceived during your presentation. These can be friends, supporters or business people. If you need professional advice on composing soulful songs on guitar, you can simply contact The Serious Writers Guild-a company which not just lends valuable support to budding music producers but also provides valuable tips on songwriting.


Many musicians initially face difficulty in writing good songs using guitar. If you too feel so, there is no need to be worried as you can contact the experts at The Serious Writers Guild, who will guide you at every step of your musical career and provide the best songwriting advice for a successful career as a songwriter.

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Sending Your Music To Record Labels- Dos And Don’ts

It’s every songwriter’s dream to get noticed by the big names of the music industry, but with so many people trying to get their demos heard, how can you make sure your demo won’t get lost in the crowd? Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to consider when you send music to record labels, brought to you by The Serious Writers Guild.



Contact the record label before sending your demo

Send the demo only after contacting the record label and getting a contact person’s name. Build a relationship with someone at the label or at least speak with someone

Write a friendly e-mail

Write a friendly, easy to read email for the Manager of the record label. Mail each label individually. It’s highly irritating for record labels, who want their music to be exclusive, to receive a mass email.


Learn demo policies

When you have your short list of labels, you need to learn each label’s policy on demos. Some labels, especially larger labels have strict demo policies. Most labels have demo policies clearly displayed on their sites; it is advisable to go through them properly.



Don’t send your demo to the wrong label

The most important thing is to do your research and make sure that the people you’re sending your demo to will receive it and have some kind of affiliation to your genre. That means, there is no point sending your Rap demo to a Metal manager.

Don’t forget to put your contact information on your CDR

Music experts listen to a lot of demos on a daily basis. To ensure your demo doesn’t get lost in the crowd, put your name, address, phone number, email, website URL, Facebook address etc on all submissions. So that record labels can contact you in case you get the music publishing deal.

Don’t send uncopyrighted material

Don’t send uncopyrighted material anywhere. Be smart enough to protect your work.

Submitting your songs to record labels is the first step towards a successful career in the music industry, so make sure you do things in the right manner or contact an experienced songwriters company like The Serious Writers Guild to get expert tips on getting a record deal with some of the big names of the music industry.

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Expert Tips On Getting A Deal With Prestigious Record Labels

It’s every budding music producer’s dream to get signed by a prestigious record label. But, getting your music heard by record labels is a big task in itself; there is incredible competition out there, but there are certain things you can do to improve your chances. Let’s find out with the help of this blog post by ‘The Serious Writers Guild’ – the company providing valuable guidance on launching your career in music, getting a songwriting deal etc.

Hone your skills

Work on the quality and commercialism of your music. Work on your songwriting craft, polish your skills and make sure that your recordings are top notch. A thrown together song isn’t going to impress anyone at a record company.

Make an impressive demo

The music demo is your product. In fact, nowadays it is as easy to put together a ‘radio ready’, finished, ready to be released track as to make a traditional ‘demo’. When approaching record companies, your music demo will be the first thing that they ask for. If it is good, they will consider working with you in some capacity [part of the team?] or at least keeping their door open for future consideration. On the other hand if it’s not up to the mark, you are dead in the water.

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Build fan following

Play to crowds, no matter big or small; this will help you build a fan following, a database, fanbase. Having a mega sized Facebook, YouTube, Twitter following plus a sizable fanbase will push you to the front of the line at the record company and help you get a songwriting deal.

Get a good manager

Get a good manager. This is probably the best & most comfortable, tried and tested way to get your music heard, simply because the manager will do all the work for you, giving you all the time to concentrate on the most important thing – your music. But …. “a manager must have something to manage”.

Getting signed by a good music label is a badge of honor: a sign of legitimacy and one of the biggest achievements of a ‘going places’ music composer. So, make sure you get the right guidance from experts who have years of experience with the music industry. Contact ‘The Serious Writers Guild’ at- and they will make sure, your every effort pays off. ‘The Serious Writers Guild’ provides a plethora of services for budding talent, which includes- tips on songwriting, getting a record deal, making money with music etc.